This Privacy Statement describes how the company collects and uses personal data and describes the rights owners have concerning their personal data. These personal data are collected through direct treatment, whether in person, through a remote session, or some electronic communication, and are stored and treated with due security measures. The company uses and processes personal data only for the preparation, celebration, and execution of the employment relationship with its collaborators, as well as the necessary personal data of our suppliers to carry out the respective payment process. The company owns the data banks we process. It is responsible for ensuring that the systems and processes we use comply with Law No. 29733 on the Protection of Personal Data, its Regulations, and any other applicable legislation.

Scope of your rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO), to your personal information

Every person has the right to request information about the purpose for which their personal data is used, who has access to them, where they are stored, the consequences of providing their personal data and their refusal to do so, as well as the possibility to exercise the rights that the regulations grant him and the means provided for this. Below are the rights that every person has the right to know about their personal data. • Access: You have the right to know which of your data is included in our personal data bank, how it was collected, the reasons that motivated its collection and at whose request it was collected, the transfers made, as well as the conditions and use that we give them. • Rectification: You can request the update, inclusion, or modification of your personal data when it is partially or totally inaccurate, incomplete, erroneous, or false. It is necessary to specify the data that requires rectification and attach the applicable supporting documents. Likewise, you can request to revoke your consent when the situation warrants it. • Cancellation: You can request the cancellation of your personal data from a data bank when they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected, when the period established for their processing has expired when you have revoked your consent for the treatment and in other cases in which they are not being treated by the Personal Data Protection Law and its Regulations. The cancellation request may refer to all the personal data of the owner contained in a data bank or only to some part of it. 

• Opposition: You have the right not to have your personal data processed in our data banks when you have not consented to its collection because it was taken from a publicly accessible source. Even if you have given permission, you have the right to oppose the processing of your data if you prove the existence of well-founded and legitimate reasons related to a specific personal situation that justify exercising this right. Any questions about the processing of personal data or the exercise of your ARCO rights can be made through the following email: or